Chocolate fish for Hyperfish

If you are a Kiwi, you would of course know that for a job well done you get a reward, usually it’s a chocolate fish. For those who are not familiar with this custom I present to you the source of all online correctness and one source of truth Wikipedia.

In New Zealand, the chocolate fish is a popular confectionery item, and in Kiwi culture a common reward for a job done well (“Give that kid a chocolate fish”)


In this case I am giving a BIG Chocolate Fish to the team at Hyperfish for coming up with something very useful when you want to get a view of how your organisations Active Directory is faring in terms of actual ‘up-to-date-ness’ of user information.

Say for example you are looking at creating a people directory for your company using multiple AD sources. If you don’t have the required properties populated then it’s really not much use. The challenge you will have is asking for and getting what information is there or what is not there. Go on ask any AD admin to give you that data and you’ll get a mixed bag of replies. Well now you don’t have to wait to find out. Simply head over to add your email address and Voila!

You have the power to get a view of what’s missing and add these cool reports to your business case of why you should make Active Directory great again!



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