See you at Microsoft Ignite New Zealand

I will be speaking at Microsoft Ignite New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand. My topic is on Upgrading your on-premises SharePoint deployment to the latest SharePoint 2016 version and how to plan for it.

Upgrade Planning for SharePoint 2016 and Hybrid Considerations [M313]

SharePoint has undergone many changes since its first release in 2001. Now with its latest on-premises version (SharePoint Server 2016) being released, organisations should be looking at how to move their existing SharePoint 2013 platform to the latest 2016 version along with solutions built on the platform. During this session, we will look at “what’s new” and the top five key planning considerations for an upgrade strategy to SharePoint Server 2016. This session is targeted towards Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, and Technical Decision Makers.

Theme: Productivity & Social

Level: Level 300

Topic: Upgrade & Migration

This will be my 6th time speaking in New Zealand at Microsoft’s Technology conference of the year (previously called TechED). I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and connecting with you over October 25th to 28th at SkyCity in Auckland.

SharePoint Hybrid Search – What is it really?

This week myself and Jonathan from Spoke did joint presentation at the Wellington SharePoint User Group. We talked about what is involved in setting up Hybrid Search for SharePoint.

A hybrid SharePoint environment is composed of an on-premises deployment of SharePoint Server 2013/2016 and a SharePoint Online tenant in Microsoft Office365. A hybrid Search approach enables end users to get and view search results across all environments. In this session, learn about pre-requisite considerations when configuring hybrid search deployment and what you will need to know about Hybrid Search when planning for a deployment.

The session covered:

  • Pre-requisites – identity, network
  • Architecture Fundamentals
  • Hybrid Search user experience
  • Results experience
  • UI considerations
  • Security trimming (identity)

The slides from our session “SharePoint Hybrid Search – What is it really?” can now be downloaded from SlideShare.

Looking through the WayBackMachine

When you have spent over a decade specialising in a certain technology stack and its related solutions you get to a point where everything you have done in the past is resurfaced with a new coat of paint with some new ‘modern’ words added to the mix of jargon to make it look appealing to the masses. Back in 2007 (yes I said 2007) this is what my blog looked like. (Thanks Internet Archive). That version of my blog was hosted on WSS (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) with a custom skin called EBE (Enhanced Blog Edition) from a guy called Vincent Rothwell.

Way Back in August 2007
What looked like way back in August 2007

Fast forward to 2016 – I will be more or less talking about the same topic at TechED Ignite Conference in Auckland in October. Back in 2007 I talked about upgrading to MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007), a big milestone in the SharePoint technology space where the concept of ‘cloud’ or ‘hybrid’ as services didn’t exist yet.

My talk in October 2016 at Ignite will be about upgrading SharePoint <insert version> to the latest and greatest 2016 version. This time however there is also the option of going ‘cloud’ and being ‘hybrid’ which provides some level of complexity depending on who you talk to.

It is rather timely that I have ventured into writing about SharePoint again since it is as Chris points out rightly “SharePoint’s next epoch“. Over the coming months I am aiming to return to writing about the next evolution on SharePoint and related technologies such as Azure, Office365 and anything in between.

It’s been fantastic to see the rise of cloud services and maturing of Azure as a platform where nowadays anything is truly possible if you are diligent enough to do your homework and be flexible in your expectations that cloud is about utility computing.